Horse Care and Equine Massage

Equine Massage is most effective when used as a preventative measure before or after a horse show competition. Equine sports massage will prepare your equine athlete to perform his very best. This particular form of massage will keep your athlete flexible thereby preventing further injuries to his muscles. Taking good care of your horse should be your primary goal when competing.

The one stroke that makes SPORTS massage distinct is COMPRESSION.

The other strokes which are used to complement COMPRESSION are: Direct Pressure, Cross Fibre Friction, Percussion, and Palpation.

Because muscle injuries are cumulative the rider is not aware of an injury. Equine massage will help alleviate structure misalignment due to stressful training.

Failure to detect the early signs of injury will lead to poor levels of performance and often to more serious injury. So many horses are discarded needlessly because they are not given a chance to heal with a specific massage treatment or proper veterinary consultation.

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