About us

We are very happy to say that the www.horsestudbook.com membership numbers are growing daily and that the feedback we receive from around the world is overwhelming.

We are ready to move yet another step forward by enabling you to update your personal information and all information on your horses yourself under the “My Horses” option on the main menu on the left of your screen. What is required however is to ensure that you have all of your horses registered under one name and that you are only registered once on the system? For this, we need your help. Please do search for your horses and your name under the “People” option and let us know which other records are also yours so that we can consolidate your horses.

In addition, a function has been added which will ease your DNA process when you report newborn foals.  The system will provide you with a reference number which you can write on the back of the envelope with your new foal’s hair and then send it off to the DNA laboratory. The laboratory can then enter your newly assigned DNA number on the system once the parentage has been verified. Should you deal with a different laboratory please supply us with their contact information so that we can make the necessary arrangements.